I don’t know why I assumed that graduating University would be the catalyst for extreme productivity and life altering success.. when in reality I have spent the last 6 months working in a supermarket and putting off any major decision making. I mean I can’t even decide what series to watch on Netflix let alone what to have for dinner.. its a daily struggle.

Not that there is anything wrong with working in a supermarket it is a perfectly respectable job, but there is this weird “expecting more, deserve better” mindset which is carved into the student brain – I am not proud of it, if anything ashamed but its there nonetheless. Its all rather odd, it puts you in this strange drifting state. I am lucky that I have no major parental pressure, I can just about stand to still live at home and yes at the moment I am bumbling on quite happily with no major issues – apart from having to listen to my little brother play on his xbox everyday, the anger that induces is something I will never understand. But I want more, I need an adventure a bit of purpose and excitement. 

In the first six months off the 17 year long educational conveyer belt I have felt more lost and more free than any other time in my life. This is due in part to my complete lack of direction and the endless possibilities of things I can now spend my time doing. Its a little like the fear of the unknown tied with the sky is the limit- and other corny metaphors that I am much too tired to articulate. 

I don’t regret anything I have done so far in my post-graduate existence but its time to be more unapologetic and just get on and do the things I have said I was going to do since July. The thought of travelling the world is never far from my brain so this is where this blog comes in. I love to write, take pictures, see new places and meet new people soooo I think you can guess where this is going. This is my little place on the Internet to store my wayfaring rambles. 




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