Age: 22

Age. Some say its just a number, other people see it as an important measure of our time on this planet. It’s used to categorise us, defines when we can legally do things and is our own period of history. To be honest, personally, I don’t really know what I think of the whole concept.. surprise surprise. But what I do know, is that its a comparison device used by my brain to highlight what everybody else the same age and younger is doing and has already accomplished. This teamed with social media, a vessel for this information to reach my eyes, induces a mild panic that goes a little something like –

“Oh god, she just bought a car – I cant even drive… no way is he engaged (sits in bed alone watching netflix and  begins to unwrap the foil of another kitkat) *scrolling, scrolling, scrolling* aww they got a puppy – I want a puppy oh wait I can’t have a pet because I still live at home gaahh.. maybe I could sneak a kitten in and just keep it in my room.. no wait would that be cruel?? (falls asleep at 4am dimly lit by the laptop screen.)”

I am very happy for other people’s success, tickled in fact. Okay so my sarcasm is slightly dry but its hard not to compare, don’t you think? I am always on social media, so really this is some weird kind of self inflicted self depreciation. So maybe its not all about age, it’s about the onslaught of information that we share and see. We are on our own journey and there isn’t a timeline we need to stick to of school-graduate-boyfriend-job-engaged-married-baby-live-die blah blah or whatever else is the norm. We have to do our own thing regardless of if it fits into a Facebook tick box or not.

I do however, going back to age, have a penchant for “22” by Taylor Swift. So I don’t know about you but I’m feeling just doing what the f*** I want and not conforming for at least the rest of my twenties. That post lost all sense of direction.. but I think that’s kind of the point.


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